China E-Books

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History of China Volume 1

History of China Volume 2

China - Peeps at Many Lands

Chinese Biographical Dictionary (1898)

Moral Sayings of Confucius

The Classics of Confucius

The Chinese Theatre (1922)

The History of China & India, pictorial & descriptive (1840)

The World's Story - a History of the World in Story, Song and Art (1914) Vol 1

Chinese Fables and Folk Stories (c1908)

Notes and Sketches From the Wild Coasts of Nipon With Chapters on Cruising After Pirates in Chinese Waters (1880)

The Russian Road to China (1910)

Karma a Story of Early Buddhism (1894)

Gems of Chinese Literature - Giles, Herbert Allen

The Oldest Book of the Chinese the Yh-King and Its Authors (1892)

The Chinese Empire - a General and Missionary Survey (1908)

The Chinese (1873)

Stories by English Authors - the Orient (1896)

Gleanings from Chinese Folklore (1915)

Chinese Sketches (1876)

Chinese Poems (1912)

Chinese Music (1884)

A String of Chinese Peach-Stones (1895)

A Collection of Chinese Proverbs (1875)

History of the Pirates who Infested the China Sea from 1807-1810 (1831)

The Story Of The Nations - China

Zigzag Journeys in the Orient (1893)

Early History of the Chinese Civilisation (1880)

China - a Country Study

The Oriental Geography of Ebn Haukal. An Arabian Traveller of the 10th Century

Oriental Tales Verses (1806)

English and Chinese Reader (1882)

A Chinese-English Dictionary (1912)

The Travelers Handbook For China (1921)

China and Japan - a Record of Observations (1879)




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