Gambling, Alcohol and Smoking E-Books

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The Story of the Cigarette (1916)

Alcohol in History - an Account of Intemperance in All Ages (1887)

The Story of the Vine (1902)

The American Temperance Cyclopaedia of History, Biography and Anecdote (1875)

The History of Gambling in England (1898)

Chance and Luck - Laws of Luck Coincidences, Wagers, and Lotteries (1891)

Card-Sharpers - Their Tricks Exposed or the Art of Always Winning (1891)

Tobacco in Song and Story (1896)

Lyra Nicotiana - Poems and Verses Concerning Tobacco (1898)

The Brown God and His White Imps or, The Evils of Tobacco and Cigarettes (1916)

Tobacco - Its History (1859)

Six Hundred Recipes Worth Their Weight in Gold (1867)

The Vine-Dresser's Manual, an Illustrated Treatise on Vineyards and Wine-Making (1855)

English Tobacco Culture - a Description of the First English and Irish Tobacco Crops of 1886 (1887)

Wine, Women, and Song - Mediaeval Latin Students' Songs (1907)

In Vino Veritas, a Book About Wine (1913)

A Handbook of Wine - How to Buy, Serve, Store, and Drink it (1922)

Champagne Vine Country and Champagne Wine

Wine and Wine Countries - a Record and Manual for Wine Merchants and Wine Consumers

Temperence Pioneers of the West - Personal and Incidental Experiences (1888)

Whiskey Drips, a Series of Interesting Sketches (c1876)

Tobacco Leaves (1903)

Chats About Wine (1907)

Wine - Classification, Wine Tasting, Qualities and Defects (1892)

Smoking - a World of Curious Facts, Queer Fancies, and Lively Anecdotes About Pipes, Tobacco and Cigars (1891)

The Wine-Drinker's Manual (1830)

American Grape Growing and Wine Making (1883)

Alcohol and the Human Race (c1919)

Wine and Wine Countries

Culture of the Grape and Wine-Making

American Grape Growing and Wine Making