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London (1892)

The Story of the London Parks (1874)

When London Burned - a Story of Restoration Times and the Great Fire (1894)

Prisoners of the Tower of London (1901)

London in 1856 (1856)

A Londoner's London (1913)

The Booklover's London (1913)

Bohemia in London (1907)

Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the Worlds Industry in 1851 (1852)

London's Underworld (1912)

The Strand District (1903)

Greenwich its History, Antiquities, Improvements and Public Buildings (1834)

Westminster Abbey (1909)

Soho and its Associations - Historical, Literary, Artistic (1895)

Hyde Park, its History and Romance (1908)

The History of London (1849)

Popular History of London (1894)

St. Paul's Cathedral London (1906)

The Tower of London (1908)

Chronicles of London bridge (1827)

Haunted London (1865)

Literary London (1906)

Picturesque London (1890)

Mediaeval London (1906)

London Legends Vol 2 (1842)

London Legends Vol 1 (1842)

Men and Women of Soho, Famous and Infamous (1903)

Old Humphrey's Walks in London and its Neighbourhood (1854)

Royal Illustrated History of Eastern England (1843)

Covent Garden Its Romance and History (1913)

Black's Guide to London and Its Environs (1875)

Gardens of Celebrities and Celebrated Gardens in and Around London (1918)

Industrial Explorings in and Around London (1895)

The Romance of the Apothecaries' Garden at Chelsea (1922)

The Scenery of London (1905)

London, North of the Thames (1911)

The Chronicles of Newgate (1884)

Portraits of Curious Characters in London (1814)

Memorable London Houses - a Handy Guide With Anecdotes and a Reference Plan (1889)

The Rise of the London Money Market 1640-1826 (1910)

The Streets of London - With Anecdotes of Their Celebrated Residents (1849)

The Municipal Parks Gardens and Open Spaces of London - (1905)

The History of Dick Whittington - Lord Mayor of London (1820)

The Governance of London (1907)

Short History of the London Rifle Brigade (1916)

Scientific London (1874)

Nature Near London (1887)

London Vanished & Vanishing (1905)

London Before the Conquest (1902)

London (1912)

History of London (1912)

Greater London - a Narrative of Its History, Its People and Its Places Vol 1 (1894)

Greater London - a Narrative of Its History, Its People and Its Places Vol 2 (1894)

London in the Eighteenth Century (1902)

London in the Time of the Stuarts (1903)

London in the Time of the Tudors (1904)

London South of the Thames (1912)

No Room to Live - the Plaint of Overcrowded London (1900)

The Bell of St. Paul's (1890)

The Commune of London (1899)

Westminster (1895)

Lincoln's Inn Fields and the Localities Adjacent (1896)

Short Notes on Lincolns Inn (1906)

Lincoln's Inn (1873)

In Thackeray's London (1913)

Thackeray's London - His Haunts and the Scenes of His Novels (1885)

Walks in London (1901) Volume 2

Walks in London (1901) Volume 1

London Volume 1 (1840)

London Volume 2 (1840)

London Volume 3 (1840)

London Volume 4 (1840)

London Volume 5 (1840)

London Volume 6 (1840)

Memorials of Old London Volume 1

Memorials of Old London Volume 2

Bygone London Life - Pictures from a Vanished Past

Bygone London (1892)

A Wanderer in London (1911)

The Defence of London 1915-1918 (1923)

Cruchley's Picture of London (1845)

An American's London (1920)

The Thames Illustrated - a Picturesque Journeying from Richmond to Oxford (1897)

The Thames (1910)

The Naturalist on the Thames (1902)

The Historic Thames (1909)

Round About the Upper Thames (1922)

Richmond on the Thames (1896)

Residence at the Court of London (1872)

Life and Labour of the People in London

Father Thames (1922)

A Month in London (1832)

A Journal of a Residence During Several Months in London (1830)

St. Petersburg and London in the Years 1852-64 (1887)

Flying Over London and Other Verses (1919)

London Signs and Inscriptions

London Vanished and Vanishing

London on Thames in Bygone Days

Memorials of Old Middlesex