Maritime E-Books

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America Not Discovered by Columbus (1877)

The Life of Christopher Columbus (1890) Volume 1

The Life of Christopher Columbus (1890) Volume 2

Christopher Columbus (1915)

The Life of Ferdinand Magellan, and the First Circumnavigation of the Globe 1480-1521

Famous Voyagers and Explorers (1893)

The Life and Voyages of Americus Vespucius (1853)

Circumnavigation of the Globe (1859)

A Popular history of the British Navy from the earliest times to the present (c1876)

Battles of the British Navy (1852) Vol 1

Battles of the British Navy (1852) Vol 2

England's Battles by Sea and Land a Complete Record (1888-1890)

England's Battles by Sea and Land - a Complete Record (1888-1890) Vol 2

The Book of the Navy - Comprising a General History of the American Marine (1843)

A Memoir of Sebastian Cabot (1831)

Steamships and Their Story (1910)

Sinking of the Titanic - most appalling ocean horror (1912)

Prince of Wales' Eastern book, a pictorial record of the voyages of 1921-22

Heroes of the sea (1912)

Nelson (1909)

Nelsonian Reminiscences (1843)

Captain Cook's voyages round the world (1897)

Sir Walter Raleigh a biography (1891)

Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean - The Grand Period of the Moslem Corsairs (1913)

The War Between Russia and Japan, With Thrilling Accounts of Fierce Battles (1904)

Narrative of a Journey Round the World, During the Years 1841 and 1842 (1847)

40,000 Miles Over Land and Water - a Tour of the British Empire and America (1886)

Aloha Around the World (1923, c1922)

Sea-Wolves of Seven Shores (1904)

Daring Deeds of Famous Pirates - True Stories of the Stirring Adventures (1917)

The Lives and Daring Deeds of the Most Celebrated Pirates and Bucaneers (1860)

Notes and Sketches From the Wild Coasts of Nipon With Chapters on Cruising After

Pirates in Chinese Waters (1880)

The Book of Buried Treasure - a True History of Gold, Jewels and Pirates Galleons (1911)

Pirates (1922)

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys (1871)

An Interesting Memoir of the Jamestown Voyage to Ireland (1890)

The Mirror of the Sea (1906)

At Sea with Joseph Conrad, with a foreword by Joseph Conrad (1922)

The Rescue - a Romance of the Shallows (1920)

Victor - an Island Tale (1917)

The Nigger of the Narcissus - a Tale of the Sea (1921)

Typhoon (1912)

Nostromo - a Tale of the Seaboard

Lord Jim, a Tale (1900)

The Boy's Hakluyt - English Voyages of Adventure and Discovery (c1909)

The Boy's Drake - Story of the Great Sea Fighter of the 16th Century (1910)

Tom Trueman the Sailor (1869)

The Two Shipmates (1875)

The Three Midshipmen (1872)

The Three Lieutenants (1875)

The Loss of the Royal George (1876)

The History of Little Peter the Ship Boy

The Boy Who Sailed With Blake (1880)

Ron Morton or The Fire Ships (1880)

Paul Gerrard, Cabin Boy (1867)

My First Cruise

Happy Jack, and other Tales of the Sea (1889)

A Captain Cook (1871)

Our Sailors (1906)

Around the World in the Yacht Sunbeam Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months (1880)

The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship Bacchante 1879-1882 (1886) Vol 1

The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship Bacchante 1879-1882 (1886) Vol 2

Life Aboard a British Privateer in the Time of Queen Anne - the Journal of Captain Woodes Rogers (1889)

The Cruise of the Pearl Round the World. With an Account of the Naval Brigade (1859)

The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship Challenger (1877)

Piracy in the West Indies and Its Suppression (1923)

The Pirates of Panama (1914)

History of the Pirates who Infested the China Sea from 1807-1810 (1831)

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates - the Buccaneers of the Spanish Main (1921)

The Cruelties of the Algerine Pirates - the Dreadful State of the English Slaves (1816)

The Real Captain Kidd - a Vindication (1911)

Three Cruises of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer Blake (1888)

The Trip of the Steamer Oceanus to Fort Sumter and Charleston (1865)

The Chase of the Rebel Steamer of War Oreto (1862)

The Black Warrior Affair (1907)

The Fur Seals and Fur-Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ccean (1898)

Cruise of the Revenue Marine Steamer Corwin in the Arctic Ocean in the Year (1885)

On Yachts and Yacht Handling (1901)

A Yachtswoman's Cruises and Some Steamer Voyages (1911)

A Yacht Voyage to Norway Denmark and Sweden (1849)

A Yacht Voyage Round England (1870)

A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing (1900)

The Loss of the SS. Titanic

Ports of the World. Guide Book (1921)

Paris, France - US Navy Ports of the World (1920)

Ports of the World. Gibraltar (1920)

Cook and the Opening of the Pacific Volume 1 (1911)

Summer Cruise in the Mediterranean

Argonauts of the Western Pacific (1922)

Afloat and Ashore on the Mediterranean (1892)

The Naval History of the World War Volume 1 (1926)

The Naval History of the World War Volume 2 (1926)

The Naval History of the World War Volume 3 (1926)

The Fringes of the Fleet (1915)

The Achievement of the British navy in the World-War

Naval Heroes of Today (1918)

A Short Account of the Naval Actions of the Last War (1790)

70,000 Miles on a Submarine Destroyer (1920)

The Silent Watchers - England's Navy During the Great War

The Ships of Peace (1919)

The Secret of the Navy - what it is and what we owe to it (1918)

The Navy Everywhere (1919)

The Motor Launch Patrol (1920)

The Imperial British Navy (1919)

The Fringes of the Fleet (1916)

The Fleet from Within - Impressions of a R. N. V. R. Officer (1919)

The Destruction of Merchant Ships Under International Law (1917)

The British Navy in Battle (1919)

The British Fleet in the Great War (1918)

The Achievement of the British Navy in the World-War (1918)

Stories of the Ships (1919)

Sea-Hounds (1919)

In the tracks of the trades - the account of a 14,000 mile yachting cruise (1920)

In the Northern Mists - a Grand Fleet Chaplain's Note Book (1916)

How Our Navy is Run - a Description of Life in the King's Fleet (1902)

A North Sea Diary 1914-1918

Fifty Years in the Royal Navy (1919)

Famous Naval Heroes (1904)

Defensively-Armed Merchant Ships and Submarine Warfare (1917)

Deeds of Naval Daring - Anecdotes of the British Navy (1910)

American Naval Heroes 1775-1812-1861-1898

A Merchant Fleet at War (1920)

Through the South Seas with Jack London (1913)

The Cruise of the Betsey or a Summer Holiday in the Hebrides (1869)

The Cruise of the Elena or Yachting in the Hebrides (1877)

A Yachting Cruise to Norway (1895)

A Yachting Cruise in the South Seas (1875)

A Voyage to the Hebrides (1822)

A Cruise in the Gorgon

The Naval History of the Civil War (1886)

Recollections of a Naval Life Including the Cruises of the Confederate States (1900)

Our Navy in Time of War (1861-1915)

An Admiral's Log (1910)

A Sailor's Log - Recollections of Forty Years of Naval Life (1908)

Round the World (1872)

10,000 Miles by Land and Sea (1876)