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A History of the Art of Writing (1920)


A University Algebra

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

A First Book in Algebra

French Literature Course in English (1886)

A Course of Pure Mathematics (1921)

Johnson's English Dictionary (1828)

Roget's Thesaurus (1911)

Cyclopedia of Chronology (1860)

Story of the Alphabet (1921)

A History of Astronomy

A History of Mathematics (1894)

History of Geography

Our Public Schools - Their Influence on English history (1901)

Heroes of the Laboratory and the Workshop (1859)

Heroes of Science. Chemists (1883)

Heroes of Science. Physicists (1885)

The Facts About Shakespeare (1913)

Pathfinders in Medicine (1912)

A History of the German Language (1893)

The Story of Some Famous Books (1888)

Studies in General History (1894)

The Leading Facts of English History (1891)

A Gallery of Master Historians (1900)

History of Education

School-Days of Eminent Men (1860)

Floreat Etona - Anecdotes and Memories of Eton College (1911)

Letters Upon the Aesthetic Education of Man

Harpers' Latin dictionary (1879) (Big file)

History of Education - Education in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Times (1915)

The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology Volume 1

The Universal Dictionary of Biography and Mythology Volume 2

A Universal Biographical Dictionary (1850)

Dictionary of Latin and Greek Quotations (1891)

An Elementary Latin Dictionary (1890)

A Complete English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary

Dictionary of Quotations Latin (1909)

Juvenile Cyclopedia (1845)

The Culture Demanded by Modern Life (1871)

An Epoch in Irish history - Trinity College Dublin its Foundation 1591-1660

General Astronomy (1924)

A Textbook of Geology (1920)

The Story of the Ancient Nations - a Text-Book for High Schools

King's English (1930)

A History of Philosophy From Thales to the Present Time (1871)

Course in History, Geography, Arithmetic for the Use of Enlisted men (1915)

The Development of English Thought (1895)

Principles of Western Civilisation (1902)

Introduction to Human Problems

The Makers of English Poetry

Elements of Logic (1882)

King's English (1930)

History of Geography (1913)

Wright's Pictorial Family Almanac (1891)

World Almanac (1890)

The World Almanac and Encyclopedia (1917)

The World Almanac and Encyclopedia (1906)

The World Almanac (1891)

New York Almanac (1888)

Graefenberg Almanac (1872)

Bucklen's Almanac (1909)

The Fireside University for Home Circle Study and Entertainment

True Manliness - a Pocket Companion for Boys and Young Men

The Young Man in Modern Life (1902)

On the Duties of Young Men (1872)

First Battles and How to Fight Them Some Friendly Chats With Young Men

Beginning Life (1877)

Beginning Latin (1902)

English and Chinese Reader (1882)

A Chinese-English Dictionary (1912)

The Psychology of Handling Men in the Army (1919)

The Hand-Book of Needlework (1842)