US History E-Books

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A Bird's-Eye View of American History (1907)

A Bird's-Eye View of Our Civil War (1897)

France and England in North America (1877)

The Puritan in Holland, England, and America - an Introduction to American History (1898) Volume 1

The Puritan in Holland, England, and America - an Introduction to American History (1898) Volume 2

The Homes of the New world - Impressions of America (1853) Volume 1

The Homes of the New world - Impressions of America (1853) Volume 2

On Hazardous Service - Scouts and Spies of the North and South (1912)

The Industrial History of the Negro Race of the United States (1908)

America Not Discovered by Columbus (1877)

Battles of the Civil War (1914)

Famous Indian Chiefs - Their Battles, Treaties, and Struggles with the Whites (1909)

The Story of the Battles at Gettysburg (1927)

The Boy's Book of Indian Battles and Adventures (1860)

Decisive Battles of America (1909)

The Book of the Navy - Comprising a General History of the American Marine (1843)

The Story of Jack Ballister - who was kidnapped in the year 1719 and carried to the plantations of Virginia

A History of American art (1901)

A History of American art (1901) Vol 2

The Mississippi Bubble - a Memoir of John Law (1859)

The History of the First Locomotives in America (1874)

The American Railway - Its Construction, Development, Management, Appliances (1889)

A Century of Banking in New York 1822-1922 (1922)

History of the Chemical Bank 1823-1913 (1913)

Ye Crown Coffee House - a Story of Old Boston (1916)

Anecdotes and Incidents Comprising Daring Exploits in the Mexican War (1848)

History manners and customs of the North American Indians (1859)

The Ute War - a History of the White River Massacre (1879)

History of the City of New York (1853)

Complete Story of the San Francisco Earthquake (1906)

Bill Nyes History of the United States (1906)

Incidents and Anecdotes of the Civil War (1885)

The Prisoner of War and How Treated - US Civil War (1865)

The Old Plantation - How we Lived in Great House and Cabin Before the War (1901)

O. Henry Biography (1916)

Al Capone - the Biography of a Self-Made Man (1930)

Capt. John Smith - a Biography (1858)

Daniel Boone, the Pioneer of Kentucky - a Biography (1884)

A Souvenir Guide to Boston and Environs (1895)

Souvenir of Chicago in colors (1910)

Souvenir of Detroit (1891)

Souvenir guide to Coney Island (1905)

Souvenir of Los Angeles (1904)

The Klondike - a Souvenir (1900)

1915 San Diego 1915 Panama-California Exposition Souvenir Book (1915)

Lights and Shadows of New York Life (1897)

Greater New York (1897)

New York illustrated (1881)

Conquering the Wilderness (1883)

Booth's New Pictorial History of USA (1854)

America in France (1918)

The Book of History Volume 15 North America (1915)

Library of American history Volume 6 (c1900)

Library of American history Volume 5 (c1900)

Library of American history Volume 4 (c1900)

Library of American history Volume 3 (c1900)

Library of American history Volume 2 (c1900)

Library of American history Volume 1 (c1900)

Popular history of the US civil war (1894)

Popular history of America (1894)

Heroes of the plains (1883)

The Settlers - A Tale of Virginia (1875)

The Frontier Fort (1879)

In the Wilds of Florida (1925)

The World's Story - a History of the World in Story, Song and Art (1914) Vol 12

The World's Story - a History of the World in Story, Song and Art (1914) Vol 13

Spanish-American War and Battles in the Philippines (1899)

History of Oregon (1888)

Facts for Klondikers (1898)

Story of the Wild West

Memoirs of the Most Eminent American Mechanics (1852)

The History of the Western States (1835)

The Pictorial Book of Anecdotes of the Rebellion

George Washington - a Character Sketch with Anecdotes and Chronology

Personal Reminiscences Anecdotes and Letters of General Robert E Lee (1874)

Anecdotes, Poetry and Incidents of the War - North and South 1860-1865 (1867)

Pioneer Times in California with Anecdotes and Stories taken from real life (1881)

The World's Orators Volume 8

The World's Orators Volume 9

The World's Orators Volume 10

A Sketch of the War Record of the Edisto Rifles, 1861-1865 (1914)

The Jacksonian Epoch (1899)

Epoch-Making Papers in United States History (1903)

The Horse of America in His Derivation, History and Development (1897)

The Wayfarer in New York

The Second City of the World (1998)

The New York of the Novelists (1917)

The Greatness of New York

The Book of New York Verse (1917)

The Book of New York - Forty Years' Recollections

Course in History, Geography, Arithmetic for the Use of Enlisted men (1915)

America's Oldest Daily Newspaper. The New York Globe

Zigzag Journeys on the Mississippi

Zigzag Journeys - Western States of America (1893)

Zigzag Journey in the Sunny South

England and America After Independence (1900)

America and Europe - a Study of International Relations (1896)

America and Britain - the Story of the Relations Between Two Peoples (1918)

Three Centuries of Southern Poetry (1607-1907)

Baseball Cyclopedia (1922)

One Hundred and Twenty-Five Photographic Views of Chicago (1913)

One Hundred and Twenty-Five Photographic Views of Chicago (1910)

One Hundred Photographic Views of Chicago (1900)

Greater New York Illustrated (1904)

Palmer's Views of New York Past and Present (1909)

New York, the Empire city - Fifty Colored Views

Fifty Photographic Views of New York City (1895)

King's Photographic Views of New York (1895)

Village Life in America 1852-1872

The Story of a Confederate Boy in the Civil War (1914)

Life in the Confederate Army - Experiences of a Private in the Confederate Army (1905)

Humorous Incidents of the Civil War (1902)

Chicago - Past, Present, Future (1868)

Autobiography of a Farm Boy (1916)

A Virginia Girl in the Civil War 1861-1865

A History of the Transport Service - adventures and experiences

A Flying Fighter - an American Above the Lines in France

The Story of the White House Volume 1

The Story of the White House Volume 2

American Naval Heroes 1775-1812-1861-1898

With Poor Immigrants to America (1914)

Jewish Immigrants (1914)

Jack London at Yale (1906)

From Coast to Coast with Jack London (1917)

Children of the Slaves (1920)

With Poor Immigrants to America (1914)

Offenbach in America (1877)

Manual for Emigrants to America (1832)

A Parisian in America (1896)

A Manual For Emigrants Especially Emigrants From the British Isles (1849)

A Journey to America in 1834 (1919)

The Siouan Tribes of the East (1894)

The Voice of the Negro (1919)

The Truth about Lynching and the Negro in the South (1918)

The Truth about Lynching - Its Causes and Effects (1917)

The Negro Question (1903)

The Negro - the Southerner's Problem (1904)

The Negro Migrant in Pittsburgh (1910)

The Negro Faces of America (1920)

Selected Articles on the Negro Problem (1921)

New York Almanac (1888)

The North and the South (1850)

The Negro in Pennsylvania 1639-1861

The Life and Letters of John Brown

The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade (1854)

The Dual Revolutions. Anti-slavery and Pro-Slavery (1863)

The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851

The Capture and Execution of John Brown

The Boston Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns (1854)

Stiya - A Carlisle Ameican-Indian Girl at Home (1891)

Slavery and the Domestic Slave Trade (1841)

Slavery (1860)

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave

History of the Underground Railroad (1883)

Muskets and Medicine or Army life in the Sixties (1917)

McClellan's Military Career Reviewed and Exposed

Fugitive Slaves (1619-1865)

Despotism in America (1854)

American-Indian Schools - An Exposure (1915)

American Indians - Chained and Unchained (1912)

A South-Side View of Slavery

Tom Strong - Lincoln's Scout (1919)

The Scout of Pea Ridge (1911)

The Red Badge of Courage (1896)

The Naval History of the Civil War (1886)

The Civil War (1911)

The American Army (1915)

Sherman and his Campaigns (1865)

Recollections of a Naval Life Including the Cruises of the Confederate States (1900)

Personal Recollections of the Civil War (1918)

Lincoln and Episodes of the Civil War (1915)

Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (1898)

New York and the Conscription of 1863

Ten Years in the Ranks U. S. Army (1914)

Life and Campaigns of George B. McClellan (1864)

Indian Myth and Legend (1877)

Incidents and anecdotes of the Civil War (1886)

Grant and His Campaigns (1864)

Four Years With the Army of the Potomac (1889)

Farrow's Military Encyclopedia Vol 3 (1885)

Farrow's Military Encyclopedia Vol 2 (1885)

Farrow's Military Encyclopedia Vol 1 (1885)

Farrow's Manual of Military Training (1920)

Civil War Sketches and Incidents (1902)

Civil War and Miscellaneous Papers (1918)

Campaigns of the American Civil War (1914)

Boy's Book of the Army (1907)

Battling for Atlanta (1917)

Autobiography of George Dewey Admiral of the Navy (1916)

An Average American Army Officer - An Autobiography

An Army Officer on Leave in Japan (1911)

American Small Arms (1904)

A Lincoln Conscript (1909)

Intimate Letters from France During America's First Year of War (1918)

Charles Dickens in America (1911)

Westward by Rail - a Journey to San Francisco (1871)

Mysteries of Washington City (1844)

The Soul of John Brown (1920)